Movement Intelligence programs incorporate conventional kinesthetic concepts of flexibility, balance, alignment, strength, integration, and endurance with ‘something more.’ This ‘something more’ is an intrinsic sense of effortlessness that comes from heeding well-calibrated sensory-motor feedback. In line with the latest research on neuroplasticity, Movement Intelligence programs recognize that overcoming physical limitations and dysfunctions is as much a matter of working with the “software” of the brain as with the “hardware” of the body. (

The principles of the Feldenkrais Method can be found in the five programs constituting the Movement Intelligence umbrella. Movement Intelligence classes are taught in a group setting. 

Movements are those of traditional Feldenkrais lessons and also are different. The movement sequences in Movement Intelligence programs are called “processes,” and are more focused and generally shorter in length than what you might experience as one Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson. They are typically done in vertical rather than horizontal (prone or supine) orientation. Movements might be done in free-standing, in a seated position, or against a wall as a substitute for the floor. The rationale for this is that we live and move in vertical orientation in response to gravity, and dynamic movement in this orientation confirms any changes in structure that have been learned. Props such as walking poles, wraps, pillows, and walls are used for support and alignment, so movement can pass through the body less disturbed. These props also enhance self-monitoring and feedback.

Bones For Life Ruthy Alon

Bones For Life®

The first Movement Intelligence program, now taught in over 30 countries. The somatic learning principles of the Feldenkrais Method are applied in the environment of vertical posture to stimulate bone strength and weight bearing posture, power management and rhythm. Bones for Life® is a registered service mark of Ruthy Alon.

Chairs Ruthy Alon


A program especially for cultures (like ours) where people sit too much in fixation. The intention is to shake us from habitual maladaptive use of chairs into options for dynamic sitting and promote more proportional coordination. The processes in this program also benefit people who have difficulty getting to and from the floor.

Walk for Life Ruthy Alon

Walk for Life

A program focusing on the different aspects of the walking experience. It is designed to help us improve and enrich our walking experience and promote optimal gait dynamics. Sessions take place indoors and outdoors, even up and down hills. Walking poles or fabric wraps may be used for support and to help increase awareness and integration in walking.

Mindful Eating Ruthy Alon

Mindful Eating

A program drawing attention to the "Inner Game of Chewing" to help us navigate the abundant variety of food choices we encounter, and the noisy, hectic pace of modern times which leads us to rush through eating whilst multi-tasking. We each have an internal signal of satisfaction but we may not listen to it. This internal signal can help us restore a modicum of balance into our lives where eating is concerned. Photo credit: Ruthy Alon leading Mindful Eating dinner for Movement Intelligence Senior Trainer Training, Tzuba, Israel, May 2014.

Solutions for Optimal Mobility Ruthy Alon

Solutions for Optimal Mobility

A program of self-care strategies to help us tune into our body's wisdom. We can recalibrate our internal compass to experience a wider palette of functional movement options. We can spontaneously re-pattern our neuro-muscular system and restore the harmony of well-coordinated functioning and zest for life - which Ruthy Alon calls “Biological Optimism.”