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“How can you live differently? This is about learning about yourself – possibilities to empower yourself.” (Mia Segal)

“The person, not the problem, interests me. A person is like a puzzle.,” Mia Segal stated at the 2015 Advanced Training in Seattle Katherine attended. Mia continued, “Watch your client (student) and touch where the person moves most.” The gentle touch brings attention to this part of the body and reminds the person of what she or he does well. Subsequently she added, “With your client (student) explore what is possible, look for where there is movement, where movement stops and why. Sense differences as differences are signs of learning. Differences are the teachers and show the student that there are choices.”


Katherine’s two experiences in Advanced Trainings in Seattle with Mia Segal has led her to wholeheartedly affirm the ideas and support the work of the Mind Body Studies Academy. So much so that even though she is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner, she wants to complement and further her current understanding of Feldenkrais by pursuing further training with Mia Segal and the faculty at the MBS Academy.


Mia Segal was Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais’ first assistant, collaborator and associate for 16 years, as well as was a family friend. She also has a black belt in judo, which she received in Kodokan, Tokyo, in 1970.She has been teaching Feldenkrais and training mentors for more than a half century since the 1950s. Using thoughtfully chosen words, gentleness, and delightful sense of humour, she inspires those that work with her to turn deeply within – sense and observe, be curious, think about how you image yourself, explore, try out different options, and make new choices.


The Mind Body Studies [MBS] Academy website’s home page states that Mind Body Studies “is the exploration of the connection between brain and behavior as the key to realizing our full human potential.” As such MBS is a “learning system that allows anyone [of any age] to reprogram their nervous system and integrate new patterns of thought and action, so that human potential can be exercised to its full advantage.” Through precise observation and awareness of how patterns of thought and action combine, a person mobilizes his or her own body and mind potential.

When you move with attention to intention or thought, you create the possibility of transforming thoughts and the actions associated with the thoughts. All this takes place in the context of performing specific movement sequences designed to allow you to observe yourself – to sense, feel, and think about how you are moving. You are a student of yourself and a teacher for yourself, whether you are engaged in an Awareness Through Movement or Functional Integration lesson.

“You learn through sensing differences. Noticing differences gives you choices. Having choices creates new possibilities. Move in tiny amounts to practice the pleasure, ease and potential to do more.” (Mia Segal)

  1. What is Mind Body Studies? (7:47 minute video in which Mia Segal explains what Mind Body Studies is and how new mind/body connections are formed through experiencing specific and seemingly unusual movement sequences)
  2. Master Teacher Mia Segal Teaching a Feldenkrais Basic Training (6:11 minute video of a student with back pain learning how to be pain-free. Great example of learning from your own experience and from differences.)
  3. MBS Academy's way of teaching Individual Lessons: (4:13 minute video in which MBS Master Trainer Mia Segal shares her clear and precise insight for how to give an Individual Lesson.)
  1. MBS Academy - Mind Body Studies - website

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