Like the living tree who has roots to ground it and provide foundation, my work is grounded in life experience, and study in realms including the Feldenkrais Method®, Movement Intelligence, Argentinean tango, a Chinese 5 Element viewpoint of wellbeing, ancestral wisdom traditions, and science education.

As a tree needs nutrients to sustain its life, so do I (and you). Some nutrients quickly leap to mind (food, water, shelter). Others, also essential, such as sensing, observing, emoting, thinking and acting, might be elusively obvious. All these nutrients have nourished my growth and been transformed into the ideas and values guiding me and my work.

 “Learning is a gift of life” (Moshe Feldenkrais, Embodied Wisdom, p. 58).

 Each living being is unique and worthy of dignity.

All beings in our worlds, tangible and intangible, are interdependent.

The strings connecting living beings in community are natural flow and balance.

Emotion, with its gifts and challenges, is a powerful teacher.

In some way at each life point we lead or follow, do or wait.

Curiousity matters.

Through sensing, improvising and integrating, we discover the power of choice and can distinguish the novel (new possibility) from what’s automatic (habitual).

Being as fully present in each life moment as possible rewards us with abundance and zestful living.


If these ideas and values resonate with you, please contact me to learn more how working with me and the Feldenkrais Method can help you.