Besides the fact that I personally enjoy them, movement and music are fundamental to existence.

What do movement, music, you, and other living beings have in common? An expression of energy!

Scientists conceptualize movement energy in terms of particles and waves, and vibration emitted. Living involves a complex, interdependent network of different forms of energy. Music is a form of movement energy. Do you believe in a life force form of energy, however you label it? The Chinese call the vital life force existing in all living beings chi energy. Yogis call this energy prana. Spiritual communities associate energy with qualities of the heart, such as compassion, generosity, kindness, and love. Regardless of the form which energy takes, movement is an attribute.

“Without movement there is no life,”  Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais stated.

Movement is central to the survival of each living cell in an organism and the whole organism. We often think of movement in relation to what our muscles do. However, your muscles cannot function without the work of your nervous system. Your nervous system and your muscular system are in constant communication with each other. Furthermore, you cannot exist in the gravitational field of the earth without the internal support provided by your skeleton. The action of your muscular system, ennervated by your nerves, moves your bones and much more.

What might the music of your nervous system sound like if you listened?

Did you know that areas in your brain which activate when you engage in movements like swinging a golf club also engage when you listen to expressive moments in music? Check out “To Tug Hearts, Music Must First Tickle the Neurons” in The New York Times (April 18, 2011) to learn more.

Feldenkrais Movement Moments, Spring 2019

What can happen when you combine movements from Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons and music? When you listen carefully to your kinesthetic sense? Express a movement in your unique way? Integrate instead of disconnect? Draw power from your trunk and grace from your limbs? This video lets you glimpse into  “Feldenkrais Movement Moments” of one of Katherine’s spring 2019 classes.

Movement for Moshe

This video tells the story about movements from Awareness Through Movement lessons sequenced together and combined with music to create what you might call a dance. To see the dance, fast forward 11 3/4 minutes, and watch the Dymaxion Dance Troupe perform it. (19:17 minute video recorded at the 2012 Feldenkrais Guild of North America Conference)