Change IS the one constant in life.

A journey of self-discovery,  transformation and personal growth is a wonderful way to bring new ease and elegance into the way you live – in how you think, sense, feel, move and act!

Movement experiences, alone or in the company of music, will be your keys for undertaking this journey. Our work together will help you tune into your lived experience: you’ll pay attention in new ways, be poised to seize opportunity, and discover ways to open yourself to a possibility of living as you dream life could be.

I am passionate about sharing this powerful learning system for self-improvement  and wellness with you to help you live to your potential capacity.

Please contact me if you would like to learn more about how working with the Feldenkrais Method can help you live zestfully and realize your avowed and unavowed dreams.

Katherine Wieseman, Ph.D., Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

From Sudie (retired Montessori Teacher)

Feldenkrais is a little like a foreign language – the sounds, the feelings, the whatever – it is not well adapted to word explanation. Maybe what I like most is the general relaxation which begins when I hear your voice. It is hard for me to feel separate inside parts but now I do think I feel them. As with most meaningful and helpful life experiences, I really had no idea how it would affect me and my life – it is like a journey of faith, not sight. How nice not to be limited to what one hopes for – such small little changes, and my awareness grows. I am experiencing wonder and joy, and new abilities. This morning I walked up the back steps to my back door and realized it seemed effortless almost like floating upwards!

From Diana (Writer)

I enthusiastically recommended you to a friend, telling her how knowledgeable you are, how much I valued our work together, how our private sessions set me on a whole new path of healing. Your showing me that my body could learn, and re-learn, encouraged me to continue. I'm still growing, changing, learning -- and ever so grateful to you for helping me along the way.